Lounge Wear for Babies and Girls Made from Homespun Cotton.

Made from 100% pure cotton, taken from the plant straight to the weavers who have been hand spinning cotton and weaving it on the loom into fabric for centuries, using the same ancient methods passed down over generations. From here this high quality fabric is sold to only certain groups who have shown respect for this special woven fabric, called khadi.

Océane Manon’s designs are then hand sewn and hand embroidered meticulously by the artisans of Qilasaaz in India using the same ancient techniques used to clothe royalty of years gone by. This skill allows the women, many of whom have been connected for generations with that of their local Raja, to provide health care and an education for their children, while working in a harmonious environment. Each dress takes no less than a week to make, with most taking three months to complete. Soft, but strong enough to withstand modern washing machines to eventually feel as soft as whipped cream.  Chic but traditional nightgowns, blouses, tunics, and dresses to celebrate the magic and beauty of childhood.

Hand-crocheted dolls made of organic cotton in Peru.

Please meet Océane, the angel who watches over your little one while she sleeps, and Manon, the rabbit who travels with him or her into dreamland.

Note cards – Coming Soon

Handmade of 100% cotton in Spain, with a natural deckled edge on all four sides. The icons are unique to Océane Manon, some of which are characters modeling the loungewear from the Gisele’s Time Out children’s book series. As with all OM products, they are strong from within and soft to the touch.


Stories for children which are charming and educational are not always easy to find. Gisele’s Time Out is written in verse, making it a simple pleasure for parents to expose their child to real world landmarks and cities, while children enjoy the animal characters in their various antics. There is also a full color picture glossary in back to continue the education for more inquisitive children (and even grown ups)

Enchanting Ornaments

Hang from the ceiling above baby’s bed or anywhere for inspiration. Made by Hand in Nepal from 100% wool.

More to come

Fine Linens
Ladies Loungewear
Handmade Accessories, such as necklaces and crowns.


Photography By: Lenahyde.com

Furniture Design: Studio-22.fr